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Welcome to, an index for all the sites I run and also a place where you can find out a bit about me. This version features Buffy Summers. Use the links in the sidebar to visit my other various sites, or check out the rest of this site by navigating via the links above. Updates to this site and to the various other sites I run are listed in the blog to the left. Enjoy (^_^)
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“I don’t want my pain and my struggle to make me a victim. I want my battle to make me someone else’s hero.”


  • Name….. jordan
  • Nickname….. jojo
  • Age….. 30
  • Date of Birth….. february 25, 1989
  • Place of Birth….. wisconsin, usa
  • Zodiac….. pisces
  • Gender….. male
  • Nationality….. american
  • Religion….. spiritual
  • Orientation….. gay
  • Relationship Status….. engaged as of 05/10/19 (happily taken as of 2/10/18)


  • height….. 5’8
  • weight….. 145 lbs
  • hair color….. dirty blonde
  • eye color….. brown
  • tattoos….. 2 and counting
  • outfit/clothing style….. preppy/alternative


  • hometown….. whitefish bay, wi
  • current residence….. milwaukee, wi
  • past residences….. newport beach, ca
  • spoken languages….. english, some spanish
  • education level…… college
  • occupation….. web/graphic designer
  • pets….. 1 cat (Sassy), 2 ferrets (Noodle & Lola), 2 guinea pigs (Wilbur & Lil’ Wilbur), 2 rats (Chanel No. 2 & Little Merrick), 1 parakeet (Tweety), 2 cockatiels (Cinnamon & Greymaster), 2 painted turtles (Crush & Squirt), 1 spotted salamander