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Welcome to, an index for all the sites I run and also a place where you can find out a bit about me. This version features Buffy Summers. Use the links in the sidebar to visit my other various sites, or check out the rest of this site by navigating via the links above. Updates to this site and to the various other sites I run are listed in the blog to the left. Enjoy (^_^)
Site Updates

The goal of the challenge is to watch (at least) 100 movies in one year, this year being 2019. Any movie that is watched at least 75% of the way through should be, and will be, added to the list.

All movies count whether they be on TV, in the theater or on DVD/VHS. I am grading the movies I watch for the first time on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the best.

My movies will be organized by month and also by colored bullets in these categories:

= movies I viewed for the first time
= movies I have seen at least once before
= movies I watched in the movie theater


September 2019